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Launched in 2017, Nohf is a natural organic healthy food brand under the Al Falaj umbrella. Nohf was conceptualized after years of research on modern day lifestyle and its negative effects on human health. Nohf which stands for natural healthy organic foods aims to deliver high quality natural food products with high nutritional value to help combat and control new age ailments thereby contributing towards a healthy and happy society.

AL Falaj For
Natural Products

United Arab Emirates Government is focusing and planning to make food lifestyle less harm on people’s health by encouraging them towards healthier options for Natural and Organic Products to prevent diseases caused by wrong dietary habits. AL Falaj For Natural Products was launched in UAE in 2016 in the midst of the increasingly health-conscious. As one of local company, natural, organic and GMO – conscious business that practices and support UAE Government’s on developing healthy lifestyles and right eating habit, our mission is to provide a healthy and sustainable food option for our consumers. And our goals are specific, measurable, achievable & high in quality & services, providing new types of healthy & organic complementary to trade markers. The organic food market of the United Arab Emirates is booming while supply is less the demand. This was one of the opportunities motivate AL Falaj For Natural Products to develop a LOCAL BRAND called NOHF (Natural Organic Healthy Food).


NOHF is the first letter of 4 words: Natural, Organic, Healthy, Food.

NOHF was launched in 2017 as a UAE Brand targeting GCC in stage 1 and expanding as cometior ro intnational leader companies.

NOHF is a well-known Arabic name of High Class, Position and reputation.

NOHF realize the important of providing variety set of products with high quality, accredited certificates and competitive pricing.

NOHF is a local ORGANIC Brand.

NOHF is using only Natural material away from any chemicals.

NOHF select their partner carefully across the Globals.

Vision | Mission | Goals


To be among the 10 national companies that provide organic and natural health food


Share national efforts to provide healthy, competitive food products for commercial products to protect community members from chronic diseases of the times



High class National Products with competitive price.
High Quality products with Excellent Packaging.
National Products understand local customer requierments.
Healthy Organic Food.
Part of Daily individual’s lifestyle.

Natural & Organic

These foods are a key component in the major consumer trend known as whole heath solutions – diets that promote health and well-being, prevent diseases, help cure illnesses and protect the environment.

Are Natural and Organic foods the same?  NO.

Although Organic Foods are natural by definition, the terms “Natural” applies broadly to foods that are minimally processed and do not contain any hormones, antibiotics, artificial flavors and other artificial additives. Most foods labeled natural are not subject to government controls beyond the regulation and health codes that apply to all foods.

Organic is the most heavily regulated food system. Only organic guarantees no toxic synthetic pesticides, toxic synthetic herbicides, or chemical NPK fertilizers are used in production, and no antibiotics or growth hormones are given to animals. Organic producers and processors also are subject to rigorous announced – and unannounced – certification inspections by third-party inspectors to ensure that they are producing and processing organic products in a manner you and your family can trust.


Organic food has gone from fad to regular feature on supermarket shelves. But many consumers ask whether it is worth buying because it’s often more expensive than regular produce.

Eating organic food is much better than eating conventionally-grown produce. Here are the benefits of eating organic and natural foods:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Help to prevent cancer and heart disease due to its higher percentage of antioxidants
  • Reduced incidence of cardiovascular diseases and other diseases
  • Reduced prevalence of adolescent allergies
  • Reduced exposure to pesticides through food, which improves cognitive development
  • Reduced processing leads to higher levels of antioxidants like omega-3 fatty acids
  • Reduced vulnerability to heavy metal cadmium, commonly found in artificial fertilizers
  • Reduced risk of antibiotic resistance
  • Reduced occurrence of adult obesity and type-2 diabetes

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